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Good news!! I finally found a drummer that gets my stuff. We've had about
4 practices and all is going great!!! Still need a keybd player tho...
The other good news is "Water" is finished! Now for duplication and distro!

Still recording tracks for the "Water" Album. I've replaced a lot of older stuff with newer and better songs.
As of the release of "Wasted" I believe I am done!! Gathering up the chosen ones and about to get them all on iTunes! As is usual - please check out my Reverb Nation Account and become a fan if you would please!! I need all I can get. Also submitting my music thru AMPD so look for it on a poscast near you, and if you don't see it...demand it!!

Good news! I was the featured artist on the Michael Angel Cosmic Grab Bag Podcast!
Click the link below for podcast!

Click here for Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag!

If you are a podcaster or know of one that would like to play some of my songs please point them in my direction - it'll be muchly appreciated!